Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Ian's Turn

Our family is now on day six of the stomach virus. Laurel is recouping, but unfortunately Ian has it. Starting 3 a.m. this morning, he has been sick, sick, sick. He's starting out worse than Laurel. Maybe he'll get it through his system faster than Laurel.

A quick anecdote for the sick fellow:

Ian and I make a quick run to the store. We buy only two things: milk and rice cereal for Laurel. He's happy as a lark, especially since he gets to hold Laurel's cereal as we walk to the back of the store to get the milk.

We get to the checkout line and he plops the cereal in front of the cashier. She smiles, and Ian chirps, "Hello, hello, hello," and frantically waves.

After we pay for our purchases, Ian insists, "Mommy, I hold the receipt."

"Ok, buddy, here you go."

He happily waves it in the air as we head out to the car. Once he's buckled in his car seat, I decide to test his memory.

"Ian, what did we get at the store?"

"A receipt, Mommy!"


Rachel said...

Well...he's right.

Kellie said...

He's right :)

Sorry he's sick. Maybe he will get over it quicker than Laurel.

Lady M said...

He can take care of all your bills in the future, perhaps!

Hope he feels better soon. And you stay healthy too!

Mrs Big W said...

We had that bug at chez Dubya a couple of weeks ago -- you have my sympathies.

For some reasson it lasts longer in the kiddos than in the adults.

Good Luck!

Be Inspired Always said...

Little ones always have the cutest things to say.

I hope everyone in your family feels better soon.