Saturday, January 20, 2007

Raindrops Keep Fallin' on My Head, Please

Rain, glorious rain. Brrr, it's cold, it's cloudy, it's rainy, it actually feels like winter.

Laurel, Ian and I decide to venture out and experience rain, a rare occurrence in our neck of the woods. Coats on, umbrellas opened, stroller cover on, and we head out to get the mail and walk around the block. Laurel is not fond of the stroller cover and throws a fit when I first try to put it on. I can't really blame her, kind of scary to be enclosed like that. Once we get outside and it's raining around her, she calms down and starts to enjoy herself. Ian giggles with glee when he realizes he gets to hold his own umbrella.

Tonight, Paul is off to a friend's birthday party while I stay home with the kids. Alright everybody, join in for my very own pity party. Ready, one, two, three, awwww...NOT! I'm taking the opportunity to do something for myself. I read The Devil Wears Prada a couple months ago. It was a funny, mindless read, that was a great escape from everyday life. Anyway, I rented the DVD to watch tonight. So without further ado, I bid thee goodnight and happy weekend!


Elizabeth said...

I've heard that was a good watch, too. I hope that your evening is refreshing.

MaryP said...

Rain is winter weather? Oh, that's right - you're in Arizona.

I watched that with my daughter a month or so back. It's frivolous and silly, but a fun show.

The only thing that bothered me about it was that when she had reclaimed her life, she strode away jauntily - in six-inch stiletto boots.

Oh, come on! Who wears those except under duress?

Kellie said...

I'd take rain over the FREEZING FIVE degrees I woke up to this morning :)

I, too, read the book a couple of months ago and loved it. It was a nice adventure away from diapers and sippy cups and toys everywhere. Have yet to see the movie.

Hope your evening was great...

Lady M said...

It looks like a cozy place under that rain cover! We never quite got our rain cover to work, and it didn't rain enough to bother trying harder.