Sunday, April 27, 2008

Big, Scary Smoke Alarm, GO AWAY!

Lately, Laurel is obsessed with the smoke detectors in our house. Actually, fearful is more accurate. To put her at ease, I've been trying to explain how the smoke detector keeps our family safe from fires. Despite all my efforts, she is still unsure of the round object that looms on the ceiling just outside her bedroom. It scares her to the extend she quickly runs into nearby rooms, closes the door and states, "I am safe now."

So the discussions continue, trying to put her mind at ease. Even Ian is trying to help his little sister understand the role of a smoke detector and that it's just not some scary monster waiting to gobble her up.

This morning's conversation:

Laurel: The smoke alarm is my friend. It winks at me. (She's referring to when it blinks a red light.) The smoke alarm put out the fires.

Ian: No Laurel, the firetruck and firemen come and put out the fire.

Laurel: Yeah, the firemen and the firetruck put out the fire.

Ian: That's right Laurel, the firemen and the firetruck put out the fire.

Laurel: Ok. If the fire alarm goes off, we go to Grandma's house.

Ian: No, we go to Alex's house.

Laurel: Oh yes, we go to Alex's house.

Ian: Yes, Laurel, we go to Alex's house and the firetruck puts out the fire and puts the fire in the tank.

Laurel: Ok, the firetruck puts the fire in the tank.

Ian: Yeah, they put the fire in the tank and then they take it away.

Evidently, Ian knows something about the process I don't.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Finding Time for a Date

There just never seems to be enough time to accomplish all the things I want to get done. Of course, part of the problem lies within myself. I want to do it all! Gardening, exercise, play with my kids, teach my kids stuff, scrapbook, make awesome and healthy meals, bake, experiment with said cooking, hike, travel, just to name a few. Add in the daily housework, laundry, diapering, feeding and grooming of kids, grocery and clothes shopping, it's a wonder I ever get to participate in extracurricular activities.

Speaking of extracurricular activities, I would like to take my dear hubby out on a date once in a while, but when? We have little mini-dates at home. You know, when the kids are put in bed and we have our alone time. Lately, our together time has been consumed fighting off evil patrons of the dark side of the force. Aha, yes, we geeks (and proud of it) love to play Lego Star Wars on our Wii. I'm not typically a video game connoisseur, but Paul has found one that strikes my fancy. I love playing Han Solo and blasting my way through swarms of Storm Troopers on the Death Star.

Other mini-dates include being couch potatoes. Our favorite shows include Battlestar Galactica, Doctor Who, Torchwood, and Eureka (if it ever comes back). The combination of my hubby, a scifi show, and a glass of wine is downright romantic! Once in a while, none of our shows will be airing. Then we rely on our DVD stash, preferably something from the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.

It's been a long time, but we also like to challenge each other to a game of Scrabble. But alas, poor Paul, he is timid about playing against me, because of course I am the Scrabble Queen. It may because I taught second grade and had to teach phonics and know a phonogram or two, but the bottom line is I usually WIN! I think the one time he did win, is when we took the travel version to the hospital while I was in labor with Ian. The contractions definitely interfered with my thinking during that game.

What do you do for a mini-date?

Monday, April 07, 2008

Yes, We are Cheesy

One of the perks of parenting is torturing your kids by making them wear the same clothes.

Funny thing, neither kid minded. In fact, they were down right giggly about wearing their froggy jammies.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Bubble Busted

Last night, Laurel and I went for the three mile walk that goes around our neighborhood. Paul had just arrived home and needed to eat dinner, and Ian chose to stay behind to play with his cars and computer. I strapped Laurel into the stroller, and off we went.

Ian decided to play his Click Start computer. The game of choice involved popping bubbles that would splatter paint onto the surface. The computer gives you a certain amount of time, and then tells you how many you were able to pop. The idea is to help little ones learn to control a computer mouse.

Paul would encourage Ian stating things like, "Ian, you got four that time, that's a lot. Wow, Ian, six this time, good job," and so on.

Ian started getting excited along with Paul. "Daddy, Daddy, I got four!"

The next time around, "Daddy, Daddy, five this time, that's a lot!"

The following round, "Daddy, two! I got twooooo!"

Finally, "Daddy, Daddy, I got one!" There's a slight pause, his voice lowers an octave and he exhales, "Oh, that's not so much."

Unrelated topic:

I'm totally psyched about tonight's BSG! WHOO-HOO!


If you're a true scifi geek, you'll understand.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Building Trust

Laurel is in the beginning stages of potty training. When the occasion arises, and she asks to use the potty, we oblige. We let it be her idea. So far, she'll sit a minute, nothing happens, and then she's wiggly and ready to go play.

But the little potty chair is not good enough for her. Lately, she wants to use the big toilet. Fine by us, less mess to clean up, that is if she ever produces anything.

One evening, Paul goes to help her remove her diaper and place her on the big toilet. She balances on the rim, Paul's hands nearby just in case. She worriedly looks up at him stating, "Daddy, don't flush me down the toilet!"