Sunday, May 06, 2007

A Walk, a Snack and a Smack!

Diapering materials...check.
Snacking material for kids (and possibly adults)...check.
Band-aids for possible boo-boos...check.
Lots and lots of water...check.
Two kids eager to go on a hike...check.
All the above stuffed into backpack carriers...check.
Two parents in need of some exercise and family time...check.
Beautiful, sunny day...check.

We're ready to go! Ian and I wave at the bottom of the trail at South Mountain Park.

Paul and Laurel enjoy the city view from the top of the trail.

WARNING: the following images contain violent material. Viewer discretion is advised!!!

Fighting For French Fries

"I'll get that French Fry," contemplates Ian.

"A quick Miss Piggy kick in her chops should do the trick," he thinks out his move.


A master of martial arts, baby Laurel instantly reacts with a quick backhand strike.


Ian quickly grabs Laurel's hand and snatches the coveted French Fry.


Laurel screams bloody murder over her loss, "Waaaaaaaa-aaaaaaaa-aaaa!!!!!"

Laurel's sad cries soften Ian's heart. He shares the fry with his sister.

Sweet siblings savor shared success.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Happiness is a Popsicle

After a hot day at the zoo, or a walk around the block, nothing cools and satisfies like a popsicle does. Actually, Ian's tastes have become more sophisticated and a popsicle will not do. We let him try a creamsicle, and there's no going back. He loves them so much, he can't help but scarf it down. Of course, there are consequences for being so hasty. Ian got to experience his first ever ice cream headache. His blood curdling scream let us know of his pain. After explaining what was happening and how to prevent it from happening again, he slowed down and ate smaller bites. We tried to get him to hold his tongue to the roof of his mouth to help ease the pain, but he didn't quite get the concept, although it was funny to watch him try.

One last bite...

...all gone.

Does Laurel enjoy her orange popsicle?

The look on her face tells all...