Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Vacation: San Diego Zoo

We're home and ready to rest after a week full of activity.

We of course had to visit the San Diego Zoo. It's amazing, and enormous! We chose to walk instead of taking the tour bus. Believe it or not, the kids walked the entire time. Well Laurel did anyway, Ian maybe let us walk him in the stroller for about 500 feet's worth. I'm guessing we must have walked at least three miles, probably more.

The animals are amazing: koalas, gorillas, gobs of snakes, grizzly bears, pandas, and the usual lions, giraffes and elephants. A couple of our favorites had to be the polar bears...

...and the hippos.

My personal favorites were these three.

We easily spent seven hours there and didn't see everything. Next year we'll take a different route to see the rest. It's definitely a zoo worth visiting.