Friday, April 04, 2008

Bubble Busted

Last night, Laurel and I went for the three mile walk that goes around our neighborhood. Paul had just arrived home and needed to eat dinner, and Ian chose to stay behind to play with his cars and computer. I strapped Laurel into the stroller, and off we went.

Ian decided to play his Click Start computer. The game of choice involved popping bubbles that would splatter paint onto the surface. The computer gives you a certain amount of time, and then tells you how many you were able to pop. The idea is to help little ones learn to control a computer mouse.

Paul would encourage Ian stating things like, "Ian, you got four that time, that's a lot. Wow, Ian, six this time, good job," and so on.

Ian started getting excited along with Paul. "Daddy, Daddy, I got four!"

The next time around, "Daddy, Daddy, five this time, that's a lot!"

The following round, "Daddy, two! I got twooooo!"

Finally, "Daddy, Daddy, I got one!" There's a slight pause, his voice lowers an octave and he exhales, "Oh, that's not so much."

Unrelated topic:

I'm totally psyched about tonight's BSG! WHOO-HOO!


If you're a true scifi geek, you'll understand.


carrie said...

Aw, that's okay.

I love how their minds work!

Lady M said...

These kids are gonna be so tech savvy, way beyond all of us!

Rachel said...

"oh, that's not so much"

That is so cute!!!

Anonymous said...

He cracked me up with that :)

gwendomama said...

that is adorable!

i love how he was all enthusiastic for himself....poor thing when it settled in.

Anonymous said...

So freaking cute.

Kelly M said...

HAHA so cute! I love it when kids get excited..their expressions are priceless!!