Sunday, January 14, 2007

A First Birthday

We celebrated Laurel's first birthday this weekend.

Being seasoned birthday partiers, Ian and Riley (both two years old) felt it was their job to show Laurel how to open presents.

Let there be cake!

Hmmm, what's this? Let me try just a smidgen.

Oh glorious day, that was good! Must.Have.More!

Don't worry my little vessel of sweetness. I don't bite.


Oops, in all my excitement, I squeezed too hard.

Check it out, I'm totally getting away with making this mess. Squishy, squishy, splurt.

Here, Papa, would you like some of my cake?



Mama's Moon said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Laurel! My, my, my - no longer a baby but now a one-year old!!! How time has flown, and what fun it looks like you all had! I love the cake pix - totally classic.

Mary P. said...

Oh, glorious day!" LOL
Great pictures!

Happy Birthday, baby girl!

Kelly said...

I'm out of "lurking" mode! haha came over from Kellie's site. Your kids are adorable!! Looks like Laurel loved her cake! Happy Birthday!!

Kellie said...

Happy Birthday, Laurel!! Looks like she had a great time with presents and a smashing good time with the cake.

Rachel said...

Awww, how cute. I had Alyssa's 1st birthday party this weekend too!! I will have pics, hopefully, tomorrow.

Peter said...

Happy Birthday!

Elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday little doll! Sooo sweet!

The Sheppard's said...

Happy Birthday Beautiful Girl!!!
Looks like she had too much fun. And mommy don't be sad that your little baby turned one. Caleb turns 1 in a will be a sad day (my baby is growing up!)

carrie said...

Blinded by her cuteness!!!

Happy Birthday big girl!


Lady M said...

Excellent! There is nothing cuter than cake-smudged baby.

Happy Birthday, Laurel!

Be Inspired Always said...

Happy Birthday, Laurel! What adorable pictures.


Knitting Maniac said...

Happy Birthday, little one AND mama!!!

Pendullum said...

What magical shots!
Happy Birthday one and all!!!

Mommy off the Record said...

Oh how I love cake shots! Those are adorable. Happy birthday to Laurel and congrats to YOU too on one year with your daughter!

Damselfly said...

One already! Wow!

That last photo with her Papa is priceless.

Michelle said...

Awww.. she looks like she was enjoying herself! A big Happy birthday to her!