Thursday, February 01, 2007

Four Car Family

Shhhh, don't tell our car insurance company, but we're now a four car family. Ian and Laurel are environmentally conscious, their cars don't require gas. And Laurel, going one step further, drives a car that doesn't even require batteries! (Gotta' love the quiet toys. Thanks Riley, that was an awesome birthday present!)

Laurel: Hey there buddy, I think you damaged my bumper!

Ian: Well, you shouldn't be riding my tail like that!
It's now day seven of the stomach virus. Laurel seems to her usual rowdy self. Her appetite is slowly returning, time to put some meat on those skinny legs!

I think Ian is on the mend. Yesterday was rough. He must have vomited every hour. Dehydration was a huge concern, especially when he couldn't keep a tablespoon's worth of water down. Poor guy, he kept pleading, "Mommy, more water, please!"

I wanted to honor his request, but knowing better, I only dare let him have a few sips at a time. My husband, brilliant as always, suggested giving Ian ice chips. Duh, why didn't I think of that? Ice chips give the satisfaction that you're consuming something with the benefit of slowly absorbing some water. Once we started Ian on ice chips, he seemed to not throw up. Coincidence? It's been 16 hours since he last threw up, I think we'll try some diluted juice once he wakes up from his nap.


Kellie said...

Morgan has the same little car as Laurel. She gets more fun out of it by kneeling and pushing it across the floor. Hasn't figured out how to go forward yet, but has the reverse mode down NO PROBLEMS!!

Glad both kids are feeling better. Poor babies. I feel so bad for them.

Mamacita Tina said...

Laurel mostly goes in reverse, too. It's funny to watch, especially when something gets in the way.

Rachel said...

Ha ha ha, Alyssa has the same car too!! Lots of funny coincidences with all these babies!! I'm glad they are getting better though!

Elizabeth said...

Wowza. We're at one car and a dump truck (hehe). I hope that your family beats this bug quickly. Ice chips.. that brings back memories!!

carrie said...

Okay, I won't let the insurance company know you are ruining the environment with your FOUR cars!!! Hee hee, they are so cute!!


Kurt said...

Does Ian call his car his Monster Truck? (after his t-shirt)