Thursday, February 22, 2007

Thirteen Months of Laurel

Today is Thursday Thirteen. Laurel is thirteen months old (give or take a couple of days). Coincidence? I think not. Therefore, I present, for your viewing pleasure (particularly the grandparents), Thirteen Months of Laurel:

One day old.
Was she really that small once?

One month.

Two months.

Three months.

Four months.

Five months.

Six months.

Seven months.

Eight months.

Nine months.

Ten months.

Eleven months.

Twelve months.

Thirteen months.


Rachel said...

Isn't it amazing how quickly they change. I love this idea!! She is adorable.

Anonymous said...

What a great idea! She is precious. I love the one day old picture with her mouth open while sleeping. Mine used to do that, and I had forgotten. So sweet!

Deanna (domestic chicky) said...

She is too stinkin adorable...amazing to see the differences from month to month...thank you for sharing the cuteness!

Peter said...

That was a great idea!

Danielle Meehan said...

What a beautiful girl! I have to say that the one month and nine month picts particularly take my breath away.

M&Co. said...


redmaryjanes said...

Way too cute. That's the best 13 I've seen so far!

Anonymous said...

The day old shot...made me get teary eyed. The one month shot...she looks like a perfect little doll!

Laurel is a gorgeous girl. Maybe I'll move to your state and our kids and have playdates :)

Mama's Moon said...

Sorry I'm late for TT (been getting ready for my blogiversary!)...

I love, love, LOVE thirteen months of Laurel. She looks like an absolute doll (especially at month #1). Hard to believe they were actually that small (and immobile) once, eh?

Have a great rest of the week!

Lady M said...

What a terrific progression. We can see the personality develop right before our eyes.

Knitting Maniac said...

I LOVE this one!!!! how adorable and how cool to watch her change month by month.

Yeah... no more TT.

MaryP said...

Lovely. What a great post.
I just heard the Thursday Thirteen site has finished. Will you still keep posting them anyway, do you think?

Pendullum said...

Happy Happy 13 months... This should certainly pull at any grandparents heart strings!!!

Damselfly said...

Oh, how beautiful the both of you are in that first photo! I'd take her at any month.

Elizabeth said...

so sweet! I love the three month pic sooo cute, not that they all aren't super cute, but that one is my fave!

Munchkin Land said...

Thanks for sharing those wonderful pictures of your little girl! She is truly precious!!

Be Inspired Always said...

That is so adorable. Truly precious. I have a birthday party I need to buy a gift for, and your post gave me the perfect idea.

He is about to start school next year!

I found this silver plated school bus that has a place for pictures from the first day of kindergarten to his last day of high school.

What a perfect memory to give to someone.


Much More Than A Mom said...

Wow ~ that's a great post. So neat to see the growth all together like that!