Tuesday, December 27, 2005

What I Loved About Christmas

What a great Christmas! There was so much going on, but what I loved most...

1. Ian's face showed so much excitement and his wee leggies would kick, kick, kick as we drove around and saw lights on people's houses.

2. Paul's loving attention to both Ian and myself. This man is a saint for doing so much over the holidays. No wonder Ian and I absolutely adore him.

3. Christmas Eve we celebrated at Paul's parents' house. All the brothers were together thanks to Sean moving back (he even brought a wife). Ian loved bouncing back and forth between his aunts, uncles, and grandparents. The house was full, but there was still enough room for future COUSINS, hint, hint.

4. At Paul's parents' house, we had Christmas sushi, a tradition. Yummy! Don't freak out about my being 9 months pregnant, it was all cooked.

5. Christmas Day we celebrated at my parents' house. And again, all the siblings were present thanks to Tony and Diana moving their family back. Again, Ian loved bouncing between aunts, uncles, and grandparents, but he absolutely loved playing with his 5 older cousins.

6. Ian was so funny when it came to opening presents, he wouldn't. Last year we could prop him in front of a package and he would tear the paper. This year, forget about it. We would have to open the present for him, then he would be interested once he saw what it was. Of course, he became completely absorbed in playing with the toy and wouldn't even look at the next present. So again, we would have to open it for him, and then he would become interested.

7. I loved watching Paul help Santa build Ian's wooden train table. We were up until 3 in morning, and somehow I never heard any swearing coming from the living room. I think Paul is just as excited as Ian about this present!

8. I loved waking up with Paul Christmas morning and listening to Ian babble/talk in the other room. He's so cute! He always wakes up happy, and loves to jump in his bed. He gets some serious air time doing this.

9. The presents I received were AWESOME! People were too generous.

10. The day after Christmas, I was able to get together with my lifelong friends for a girls' day. We've known each other close to 30 years. We saw Pride and Prejudice (loved it, total chick flick and I needed tissue at the end), ate at Pei Wei (one of my favorite restaurants), gabbed and laughed our tushies off!

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Stella said...

Don't you wish every day could be Christmas?

If it can't be..then maybe every day could be girls day! I wish!

I'm so glad to hear that your Christmas was merry and bright.

Best Wishes to you and your family.

p.s. Where are MY cookies???!!! Huh?