Wednesday, December 14, 2005

It's Bunco, Baby!

Tonight I needed therapy. Tonight I needed to scream until my vocal chords were raw. Tonight I needed to embrace others. Tonight I needed to feel the warmth of friendship. Tonight I needed to feel my heart race as opportunity stared me in the face. Tonight I needed to laugh my big butt off. Tonight I went to BUNCO!!!

Ah yes, bunco. A chance for us girls to gather, gab, giggle, gorge and gamble. Where the dice rolls along with our bellies as we hoot and holler at each others' luck or misfortune. I find it quite amusing that a number of us will do the silliest things to get the roll we want. I've witnessed dice being thrown across the table, ritualistic shakes, pep talks and threats addressed to the dice themselves, and even, dare I say it... rubbing those poor dotted cubes against the players chests. (Anyone male reading this is now drooling!)

All joking aside, this is serious business. Money is at stake. And mine keeps disappearing. I mean really, how hard can it be for me to occasionally win a meager little pittance. You know, just enough moola to keep me coming back. It's downright sad that I go home and have to face my husband empty handed.

Despite my misfortune, I continue to go, why is that? Of course it's not the money, it's the companionship of good friends. These women are downright hilarious, and I always find myself laughing until my sides ache. I consider this my aerobic workout for the week since I am usually out of breath and my heart is racing. I bet at least 1,000 calories are burned during those nights. I'm surprised this hasn't caught on as a class at nationwide gyms.

I always look forward to bunco night. It's a chance for me to step out of my wife and mommy shoes, and be one of the girls. I get to let my hair down, laugh, scream and be all out silly. This does my soul good, and my family reaps the benefits.

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Stella said...

I think I'm going to look like the lady on the right if I don't start using moisturizer more often! I'm sorry you didn't take home the jackpot. Maybe next time. After all...."Baby needs a new pair of shoes!" ha! ha! ha!