Thursday, December 22, 2005

A Visit to Santa: Cha-ching!

Being good, lemming-like parents, we took Ian to see Santa. Our boy did a great job waiting patiently in line. Fortunately, there were two girls waiting in line behind us to thank for this. They entertained Ian, and pretty much the rest of us, by performing some clapping games. You know, "Miss Suzy had a steamboat," and such. These girls knew their stuff! They even incorporated little dance moves into their play. Ian was mesmerized.

Then we reached the sign listing picture packages and prices. Paul and I had to pick our chins up off the floor. Holy cow! I swear there were loan officers available. Example, one 5x7, $13. Ouch! I now totally appreciate all of the Santa pictures I have received from family and friends over the years. The packages were named "The Santa Special," and "The Mrs. Claus Special." I'll say they're special, they're raking in a lot of dough!

Paul paid for our pictures, while I got Ian out of his stroller to familiarize him with the procedure. I was hoping that if he saw how the other kids were ok with sitting on Santa's lap, that he wouldn't freak out when it was his turn. After all, sitting on a stranger's lap, let alone a guy in a funny, red suit, can be quite scary on a first encounter. Ian really didn't pay much attention and got extremely wiggly and wanted down. Finally it was our turn and we walked over to Santa. He waved, smiled and picked up Ian. Ian was very unimpressed. In fact, he looked down right stoic. He just sort of stared off as Santa tried to talk to him. In the picture, Santa is smiling sweetly, while Ian looks numb. That's my boy, indifferent about famous figures, even Santa Claus! I'm sure next year it will be different.

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Stella said...

Ha! Ha! Ha! I can just picture all of this happening. It reminds me of Maddie's first Santa picture. She is dressed very sweetly in pink and looks like she's ready to dive right off of Santa's lap. She HATED it! Never fear! Things will change once Ian becomes more acquainted with the whole Santa thing. Then you will ask yourself "What did I start???"

I hope you guys got a good rate on your "Santa" Loan. I tell's all a racket! :o)