Friday, December 16, 2005

Mama Of Toddler Learns a Lesson

Mommy Rule #1: Never, absolutely never turn your back on children armed with food.

Ok, ok, so I didn't heed these words of wisdom.

Ian and I are in the kitchen today baking cookies. He of course gets hungry, and I feed him something healthy - blueberry yogurt. He has recently shown me that he can feed himself using a spoon. At first, he's confidently using his spoon. A couple drips of yogurt are around his mouth, but other than that all is well. My mistake lies in thinking I can turn around to continue scooping cookie dough while he eats. I glance over at him and he's holding the yogurt cup up like he's drinking from it. No big deal, I've done this once or twice when I didn't have a spoon handy. I'm thinking the kid is brilliant, so I go back to scooping cookie dough. Then there's this soft giggle. I glance at Ian and notice his blue mouth. That's fine and to be expected, so I go back to the cookies. Then it dawns on me, the container looked empty. I look and his tray is fairly clean, his bib is clean, but his crotch is another story. Ay caramba!


Stella said... least he didn't pour the yogurt down his diaper! (Though now that I think about it, I think that would have been HILARIOUS!)

looking4good said...

Mommy Rule 2: To have somebody to baking cookies (because to make the two things is incompatible)