Monday, December 12, 2005

Nightly Rituals: Welcome Home Dada!

I remember back before my 18 month old son was in my life, having a very sad nightly ritual of eating, TV, and sleep. Ian, thank you for coming into my life...

Ritual #1: Welcome Home Dada!

About 5:00 pm, I try to put together a dinner. Try being the operative word since I'm still in the beginning stages of learning to cook. A big thank you to my family for their patience. Ian, being the most wonderful toddler in the world (No, I'm not biased, this kid is amazing!), is usually independently "reading" books or playing with his trains, trucks and cars. Ok, ok, I have to admit there are times when he needs the electronic babysitter for entertainment to keep him out of the kitchen and touching the stove. What a bad mommy am I!

Eventually we'll hear the familiar screech of the garage door opening, signifying that Dada (a.k.a. Paul, my husband) is home. Ian looks at me with a huge smile, sweetly says, "Dada," and then runs to the laundry room door that is the passageway to the garage. He's squealing with delight and impatiently bangs on the door. The anticipation is too much, so he runs around the couch to release some energy. Finally, Paul opens the door to find a very excited little boy bouncing up to him. The look between their faces makes my day. Paul scoops him up, hugs and kisses are exchanged.

That's when the fun begins. While I finish cooking dinner, Paul chases Ian around the house. He throws his arms into the air, gets a wild look in his eye and growls. Ian shrieks and runs off with Paul in close pursuit. Of course the whole idea is to be caught, so Ian stops and turns towards Paul, waiting. Flying, acrobatics and tickling follow. The house is filled with laughter, a sound I never want to forget.


Paul said...

Well done, my love. You are a wonderful writer, and you have captured the essence of one of my favorite nightly rituals.

rosieloper said...

You my dear friend have alway been a writer! Don't sell yourself short!
I have known you forever and now realize you have found your voice!! It can be a great club or get you into trouble.haha
You have hit the jackpot on the husband lotto Paul is great. I cannot believe you are 8 months pregnant didn't you just tell all of us last month???

Stella said...

I absolutely *LOVE* the fact that you have "Rituals" like this in your life. I can feel your joy through your words. It is awesome to know you are so happy!