Thursday, December 29, 2005

Ian's Fan Club

Let's face it, he's cute, he's fun, he's pretty much always happy, he's hilarious to watch and interact with, he's even cuddly at times. Of course Ian has a fan club and it continues to grow. Anyone who meets him is instantly won over by his charms. Complete strangers in the store can't help but ooohh and aaahh over him (granted where I shop they're all retirees). Whenever given any attention, Ian immediately beams his beautiful smile and waves. Hearts melt and the conversations begin.

I would like to declare myself as club President (although certain grandparents may want to fight for this position), but his two biggest promoters have to be his cousins 7 year old Allison and 4 year old Madison. They absolutely go bonkers whenever they see him! Ian will run to the door to greet them and wham, they're on him. Hugs, kisses, high pitched squeals. It's a bit overwhelming for the little guy and he tries to get away to no avail. They've got him in a bear hug or have picked him up to carry him unwillingly about. Eventually, things settle down and Ian can briefly move about the house again of his own accord.

This is not to say Ian doesn't reciprocate those feelings towards his cousins, he does. He's just got the disadvantage of being smaller, at least for the time being. Once the girls begin playing with his toys, he's watching their every move. He follows them around the house trying to be a big kid just like them. I love this because his development grows by leaps and bounds. On a day before their visit, he won't show interest in playing with certain toys. But once the girls have gotten their pretty, sparkly nail polished little hands on it, he's all over it, figuring it out. It used to take him a good two to three minutes to climb up or down the stairs. Not any longer since the girls came over to spend the night. After watching them zip up and down those stairs, he's got it mastered in under 30 seconds.

Ian's in a unique position. On my side of the family he's the youngest cousin, at least for the next 3 weeks until baby sister comes. Once Paul's brothers and their wives start having kids, he'll be the oldest cousin on their side. This gives him the advantage of learning from those older than him, and at the same time learning to care for those that are younger. The older cousins adore him for being so small and cute, the younger cousins and siblings will adore him for being so attentive and caring.

And so, Ian's fan club will continue to grow, for certain when baby sister arrives. I just know he'll be the most awesome big brother and she'll whole-heartedly love him, at least until he learns to give her noogies.

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Stella said...

Can I have a charter membership for the Ian fan club?? Do I get a T-shirt??