Saturday, December 17, 2005

Shoe/Foot Fetish

I had to share this picture and tell its story.

Lately, Ian has shown an unusual interest in feet and shoes. The boy is obsessed! If he notices I'm without shoes, he finds some and brings them to me. I'll be busy cooking, when suddenly I feel something being pressed up against my feet. When I look down, there's Ian trying desperately to put a shoe on my foot. Usually I'll accomodate and lift up my foot, and he'll slide the shoe on. Sometimes it's flipped backwards, sometimes it's for the wrong foot. Sometimes he's trying to put shoes on me when I already have on a pair. It always cracks me up.

My favorite episode, was one morning when I was wearing my Looneytunes Taz slippers. Ian loves to play with these slippers. Once he saw I was wearing them, he had to have them. And yet, he knew his dear, beloved mama needed to wear shoes. Next thing I know, he has grabbed a pair of sandals for me and pushes them against my slippered feet. Now that was some great problem solving on his part!

On the night that this picture was taken, I wasn't exactly cooperative since I was trying to capture the moment on camera. As you can see, he's not exactly happy with me.


Anonymous said...

Tina, I just love your blog and look forward to reading your daily journal. I think you should send these stories to a womens' magazine. They are great.

Love, Mom

ginaangel77 said...

okay now this is one funny story. i love the part about him trying to put shoes on you while you're cooking!

Stella said...

Love the story! The look on Ian's face in this picture is AWESOME! I think I had that same look on my face today. However, I don't think I looked anywhere near this cute!