Wednesday, May 31, 2006

What? Eat? I Don't Think So!

Laurel's four months old, and can now experience "solid foods." I've been watching her closely as the rest of us eat our meals, and I'm telling you, I've yet to see an inkling of interest in her. While we're eating, she watches the ceiling fan spin, or fusses.

I remember when Ian was approaching this age, he intently watched us eat. He was so interested his little head would follow along as each spoonful went into our mouths. The first time he ate rice cereal, he actually ate it. His little mouth opened right up, like a baby bird waiting for its worm. I swear he even said, "Mmmmmm." He was READY for something besides milk!

Just for kicks, we decided to let Laurel try some rice cereal. As the spoon slowly approached, she looked around at other things of interest to her. When the rice cereal was poured into her mouth, she looked horrified. Her eyes clearly expressed concern over what just happened, and her mouth hung open as the cereal streamed out the corners. We decided to try again, same results. On our third try, she began shaking her head to avoid the same unpleasantness. Clearly, she was not ready.

A couple days later, I decided to let her experience cereal again. Same results, disbelief followed by head shaking urgently so I couldn't hit my mark. Oh well, she's satisfied with milk for the time being. We'll just have to torture her again in a week or so and see if she's changed her mind.


Mrs. Chicky said...

Maybe its a boy/girl thing. Chicky Baby didn't like cereal until she was 5 months. But did that stop me from trying for the whole month before? Nooo. I was a woman on a mission.

Good luck on the feeding!

Mary P. said...

My son was offered at four or five months - nothing doing. He continued to ignore solids, which I didn't offer in any persistent, systematic way - for another couple of months, and then one day, when he was seven or eight months old, he reached out a grabbed his three-year-old sister's bowl of oatmeal and started scarfing it down by the fistful.

"Never mind that baby goo, mom, I'll take Real Food, thanks." Never looked back.

(And he was a BIG boy. Nine pounds 9 ounces at birth, ten days later he was 11 pounds. By six months he was 25 pounds. All on breast milk. Now at 17, he's six foot something and towers over me, and slim, like his dad.)

So, even if he's not interested next month? Not to worry! He'll get there in his own good time.

lauxa said...

That made me laugh, I can just see that surprised baby. Thanks!