Monday, May 22, 2006

Yin and Yang

Since birth, Laurel has let us know when she's not satisfied with the service she is receiving. She's not too subtle about it either. We were driving home from our weekly Costco trip, when Laurel decided to let us know she was bored. Whines, accompanied by a little bit of huffing, were clearly heard. I looked back into the mirror we strapped to the headrest of the seat she's in, and saw her squirming and looking fairly grim. If she could have turned her lips down any more, she would have looked like the Master Control Program from the movie Tron.

I thought a little entertainment might pacify her, and quickly strained my tired brain for options. Ian was sitting next to and facing Laurel, so I asked him to tickle her toes. He smiled, and tried to reach for her chubby piggies. However, being strapped in to his own car seat made it an impossible feat. Since I was riding shot gun, I decided to give it a try myself. As soon as my hand was in Laurel's view, she grabbed it and pulled it to her mouth. Her complaints turned into sweet coos and squeals of delight.

Once I thought she was satisfied, I removed my hand and faced forward again. She immediately barked out her disapproval. I returned my hand, she grabbed it and happily began singing. I decided to test her and removed my hand. Again, she voiced her objection. As soon as my hand was in sight, she grabbed it and started cooing. It soon turned into a game of me teasing her, and Laurel either being annoyed or happy. Yes, sometimes I am evil.

The cool glowing affect around Laurel is thanks to Ian. He happily smudged the camera lens with his fingers. Who knew it would make for such a heavenly picture?

BTW: GO SUNS!!!! Whoo-hoo!!!

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