Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Shoe Fetish Continues

Last December, I had written about Ian's shoe fetish. He was always trying to put shoes on me. He was even trying to put shoes on me when I already had shoes on. Now, that he's a big guy, all of 23 months, he wants to wear my shoes. I say go for it, just don't trip. I don't care to spend any more time at the E.R..


carrie said...

Today my nine year old was walking around in my flip flops and they almost fit him!!! I would give anything for him to be that little again! Adorable!

Mary P. said...

One of the tots here is totally into shoes these days, which means my family keeps finding only one shoe on the rack by the front door, and the other...? Well, we know it won't be any more than 2 feet off the floor, 'cuz he a short little guy!