Thursday, May 25, 2006

The Missing Left Sock Syndrome

Laurel, at only 4 months old, has a special talent of removing her left sock. It seems that whenever I turn around, she has managed to get off one sock, 99 percent of the time being the left one. She doesn't use her hands, after all, she is still figuring out what those are for besides stuffing them into her mouth. It's by kicking and rubbing her wee leggies together that she manages to get that one sock off.

A nursery rhyme in honor of Laurel:

Diddle, diddle, dumpling,
My daughter Laurel,
Went to bed without a quarrel;
One sock off and one sock on,
Diddle, diddle, dumpling,
My daughter Laurel.

*In the picture, you'll of course notice her left foot is sockless. Also, notice the three sparkly bandaids. She got three shots on that day, and yet she still managed a smile. What a trooper!


Susan said...

Good lord she's cute!

Now I want another baby.

carrie said...

So sweet! I swear, those sockies never stay on when they are that age, it is like some kind of cruel joke! Good thing she couldn't care less!

Mary P. said...

WHAT a sweet baby. I'm glad people like you are still having them, so people like me can admire!

Professional advice re: the sock slippage? Duct tape.