Thursday, May 04, 2006

Mama, This is Oval

Even before Ian was one year old, he has known the basic shapes of circle, square, triangle and star. He could put the shapes into the matching openings. He also knew their names. I would say, "Give me the star," and he would. The last couple of months he's been able to say their names. He has a wonderful Melissa and Doug wooden puzzle that has 8 different shapes that he can easily put back together. What I didn't know is that Ian knows the names of most of those shapes.

The other morning, I was sitting on the floor putting on lotion after having just gotten out of the shower. Ian was very interested in my back, and started to poke at it. Next he laughed, and as he poked one spot on my back over and over again, he said, "Mama, this is oval." I stood up, looked in the mirror, and sure enough there was a huge oval shaped mole in the middle of my back.

I can just see him now at the public pool or beach walking around and pointing out all the shapes that he sees. I'll have to wear my magical sunglasses that wards off any evil and offending stares.

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Mary P said...

He's brilliant! No, really, he is!

When my oldest was tiny, we had her name in bright letters on her bedroom door. Every time we went in, it was tradition to spell her name, pointing to the letters.

One day, a friend handed her a paper and pencil and suggested she write her name. I start to explain how that, at only two, (not even two and a HALF yet) she's too young to be able to do that, when we look down and discover: SHE'S WRITING HER NAME!!! Wobbly and all over, but definitely her name. And saying each letter as she does it!

Isn't it great when they surprise you like this? (She's in 3rd year university now: still a smart cookie!) Your boy has great things ahead of him. If he survives the pool.