Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Binky Guilt

I am having some serious doubts about whether or not Laurel should use a pacifier. She finds great comfort in sucking on something, whether it be my finger, her own fingers, a blanket, or a toy. I understand this completely. I sucked my thumb as a child. My mother thinks I started sucking my thumb because I was so sick as a baby. However, it didn't stop there, it continued into grade school. I remember how difficult it was for me to quit, and I'm relunctant to put Laurel through that.

So again, I ask myself, why do I want to give Laurel a pacifier? There are times she is inconsolible. We've changed her diaper, fed her, bathed her, walked her, rocked her, nothing seemed to work until we gave her a pacifier. Then, she settled right down. Yes, we want her to feel comforted, I just feel like a "dealer" every time I pop a binky in her mouth.

I think for now we will use it when nothing else seems to work. I only hope she's not wearing it on a necklace when she goes to her Senior Prom.


Cori said...

I delt with the same feelings. At first Cameron was stuck like glue to his "mimi". After a while he just started to use it less and less. Now he only uses it when he is, like you said, inconsolible. He still likes the sucking motion of his bottle and I think it will make it hard to get him into sippy cups.

Mary P. said...

Don't feel guilty! She's so little, sucking is a good way of self-comfort. Thumbs and pacifiers are NOT the same thing. It is much, much easier to wean a child off a soother than it is off a thumb! Soothers can be thrown out - thumbs are attached for life.

My advice? Don't sweat it. It gives her comfort now; eventually she'll dispense with it, particularly if, once she's upright, you don't let her walk around with it in her mouth. Save it for true soothing, and you'll be okay.

If she doesn't get rid of it on her own, the only real concern is that she not be sucking on the thing all the time when she should be talking! Lots of guilt-free time yet.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

When my twins were born prematurely they were given pacifiers in the NICU. The NICU nurses said it helped comfort them and relieve pain.

I figure the trained healthcare professionals probably know what they are talking about.

My kids are two and they still have them. I assume they will be to embarrassed to take their pacifiers to Kindergarten.

Then again, I took my blankey to college.