Saturday, January 14, 2006

Yakety, Yak

Ian loves the phone. It rings, he's tearing through the house towards one. Anytime absent minded mama or dada (mostly mama) leave one within reach, it's in his pudgy little hands, melodic tones sounding as he presses the keys hoping to reach someone, anyone. He knows that if he keeps pressing the buttons he's bound to get somebody. I just hope it's local and not China.

Unfortunately, he has not learned phone etiquette yet. Last week, he spent the day at Grandma Edie's. During his nap, the phone rang and my mom answered the phone in a different room so as not to disturb Ian's sleep. As she was talking, the other line picked up, and this boastful little voice chimes "Ello, aye," translation: "Hello, hi."Lots of babbling follows. Ian was so happy to finally answer the phone!

Yes, Ian loves the phone. In fact, he loves it so much, he pretends almost any rectangular object is a phone. Legos, blocks, straws at the restaurant, even his own hand. His favorite is a flip travel alarm clock. I think because it flips open, it reminds him of dada's phone. When we are changing his diaper, he likes to put the changing table's straps up to his ear and babble away. We ask who's on the phone, is it grandpa? That always cracks him up and gets him talking more.

For Christmas, Ian received two phones. This boy was in communication heaven! One was an Elmo (another love of his) flip cell phone. The other, part of a Winnie the Pooh book where the phone snaps in and out of the book and there are numbers you can dial to hear messages. He had both of these up to his ears at the same time babbling away. I honestly believe he had two different conversations going on. Oh how I fear his teenage years.

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