Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Cheerios Detonation

Ian and I got to spend a delightful hour of our day at the Toyota Dealership getting a seatbelt recall taken care of. Oh joy, oh joy. As we were loading up to head home, I realized it had been a long time since either of us had eaten. I found a Ziploc bag of cheerios in my purse. Being the good mother, I opened the bag for Ian and handed it to him. Then I began driving home. Suddenly it hit me, I gave Ian an opened bag of Cheerios! What was I thinking? Didn't I vow NEVER to let him eat by himself in the car again since our vacation to San Diego? Within seconds I hear, "Uh oh." At the next red light, I look back and sure enough he had dumped the entire bag into his lap. Hey, you gotta give Ian credit for recognizing there was a problem.

Well, at least he got to have a snack on the way home.

Now, meet my new best friend...

Baby Sister Countdown: 2 days (is anyone else EXCITED like me?)


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Stella said...


Cheerios are easy girlie! Wait until he's a little bit older and it's been a while since you've cleaned "Underneath" the car seat. All I can say is "Science Project!"

We are sooo excited about there being only 2 days left in the baby countdown! One of the first things Madison tells me in the morning is how many days are left.

Pick a name will you!!!!!!