Tuesday, January 31, 2006


I didn't know I could exist on no sleep for so long. It's amazing how, when needed, the motherhood/fatherhood gene kicks in and takes over. It seems like all we've been doing is diaper changes, feeding and cleaning up round the clock. I keep thinking to myself that things will ease up, especially once both the kids are well again.

Poor Ian. He has been coughing for about a month. When we got home from the hospital, it got worse. The doctor put him on a breathing treatment and antibiotics. Fortunately, he seems to be getting better, except for a severe case of diaper rash due to diarrhea (a side effect of medications). Laurel must have caught a "cold" from him. She is very congested. We took her in to the doctor Monday after also finding she had a fever of 100. The doctor has us watching her and bringing her in if there is any change. We're also under orders to keep Ian away from Laurel. Yeah, like that's possible when he is so excited about the baby.

Our two sick babies have been so miserable. Paul has been helping out so much, and yet he has had a cold too. The man is amazing, and I'm ever so grateful that he is my partner. Thank goodness he took two weeks off work to help out.


Stella said...

Hang in there girlie! You know the saying "That which doesn't kill us makes us stronger"? (Ha! Ha! Ha!)

Tell everyone that I hope they get well soon.

P.S. - Love the pictures! Keep them coming!

Cori said...


Our family has been passing the cold around too! Aren't they pathetic when they are sick. Poor things.....and poor you! I feel your pain!