Friday, January 13, 2006

Be Gone Grimy Grout!

We have white floor tile with white grout in our entry, kitchen, breakfast nook, laundry room and downstairs bathroom. Paul likes the tile. Me on the other hand, well...let's just say I look forward to when I'm working again, earning a paycheck, and can jackhammer it out. We're talking at least a decade from now, but one can dream. In the meantime, we have white tile.

Lately, actually the last year or so, we've noticed how gray the grout is looking. I spent a good two hours one day trying to scrub off the dirt and grime in just the bathroom. Yes, there was some improvement and I was feeling mighty proud of myself. But within a week, it started looking gray and dingy again. I can't see myself scrubbing like that even once a month, so I called in for help.

Yesterday, two guys showed up to scrub and stain our gray grout back to white. Let me tell you, I felt quite pampered in watching two other people scrub my floors! There they were on their hands and knees laboring, while Ian and I played. Ian wanted to help them, of course, but I intervened. He should learn it's ok to let others slave, umm, I mean help, while you relax.

These grout angels sent from home improvement heaven also repaired the grout in our upstairs guest shower. What a huge improvement! Before, we had dingy yellow grout that was partially covered by white caulk (thanks to previous owners). There were also spots where the grout finally gave way, leaving gaps between the tiles. Yikes! Thank goodness we took care of this when we did, or we would have a bigger problem later.

Now our upstairs shower looks almost new. The grout in the downstairs floors is actually glowing! I kid you not. I am one happy camper. Of course now I'm anal about keeping it that way. Poor Ian and Paul. Last night we had a rice dish for dinner. Ian tried to feed himself and rice went everywhere. I freaked out, and poor Paul had to wipe up the mess. Hey, I'm nine months pregnant and can't see my feet, let alone grains of rice lying on the floor. Paul, being the good guy that he is, cleaned without too much complaint. None, actually. I love that man! I give myself a couple of weeks once Baby Sister arrives before I finally give up on the floors. Hopefully, having stained the grout, it will be easy to return it to its glowing glory.

Baby Sister Countdown: 6 days


Paul said...

My love, you're a nut. I'm glad you're happy with the results.

BTW: No picture?

Stella said...

How funny is it that you had to "stain" your tile grout white!!!

I think this definately falls into the category of "Things That Make You Go Hmmmmm?"

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Congratulations! I can't wait to come over and walk around with a nice BIG glass of punch. Does the thought make you nervous? Just Kidding!

Mamacita Tina said...

Hey, do you not think I asked about such things? The guy said it will hold up to grape juice! If not, just find me recuperating at your local mental health facility.