Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Pink Laundry

I've finally attacked the growing stack of clothes we've accumulated for Baby Sister (sorry, we've still not decided on a name). Some of the items have been donated from an unknowing Ian, a lot of the items have graciously been given to us by family members. Of course I had to purchase some myself after cruising some of the baby stores. How could I resist the cute little outfits with bows and ribbons? Anyway, back to laundry. I had enough pink articles, that I did an entire load of just pink. Too cool! As I started folding the clothes and organizing them by size, I realized how excited I'm getting about her arrival. Looking at the socks, I could barely imagine how small she must be, especially when compared to Ian who still resides off the chart for height! I can't wait to hold her and look into those huge, unfocused eyes. I can't wait to have her sleep in my arms. I've really missed that, since Ian outgrew that stage long ago. I can't wait to hear her voice, when she cries that newborn cry that makes everyone turn their heads and sigh "Aww." I can't wait to see her stretch, the way only newborns can, and for hours at a time!

People warned Paul and I that the time with Ian would go by incredibly fast, and it did. I realize how lucky we are that we get to go through all the different baby stages again, but this time with a little background knowledge. We have done our best to enjoy our time with Ian, and I hope we are able to continue this with Baby Sister in the mix. We keep getting asked if we are excited about the upcoming arrival, heck yeah! Are we fearful, heck yeah! Someone told us that once you have two children, the parents are outnumbered. To this I say, bring it on Baby Sister. I'm still going to enjoy every moment.

Baby Sister Countdown: 7 days, Yikes!

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Stella said...

I *LOVE* a full load of PINK laundry. It's soooo pretty!

By The Way, *wink* I know what you guys are going to name your baby.
First Name: Baby
Middle Name: Sister

You have called her this for far to long. It will have to stick now.

Have you seen "Dirty Dancing"? To quote a famous line from this movie.."NOBODY PUTS BABY IN A CORNER"!!! ha ha ha ha ha ha!