Friday, December 29, 2006


Laurel is stumbling (crawling pretty much being a thing of the past) through the kitchen. She notices a toy car underneath the kitchen table. It's Ian's, so of course she must have it. Step, step, wobble, balance, sway, and balance. Step, step, step, step, wobble, plop onto the butt, outstretching her arms so as to not fall backwards onto the tile floor. Close enough to the table, she decides to scoot on her bottom the rest of the distance. She clutches the car in her hands and cackles. I kid you not, the girl cackles with glee!

Of absolute necessity, Laurel decides to show her find to Ian. It is, after all, a little sister's responsibility to torment her older brother. She leans forward to prop herself onto her hands and knees, squats, and then slowly raises her body into a standing position. BANG! "Aaahhh, " and she quickly squats down, still clutching Ian's car.

There is only a couple seconds more of complaining before she's slowly raising her body upward again. BANG! "Aaahhh," she wails, squats down and looks upward in disbelief.

One hand still tightly wrapped around the prized car, the other on top of her head. She whimpers a few seconds more while looking upwards to figure out what happened. The third attempt begins. She keeps her eyes on the ominous table above her as she slowly stands up, and then BANG! "AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!"

The wails continue to get louder until I finally come over and rescue her. Poor thing, she had no idea that a table could deliver such a blow. A table, that merely a few weeks ago, she could stand underneath without concern.


Kellie said...

Poor baby...that right there is why I am already nervous for Morgan to walk!! Pretty funny that she was on her way to torment Ian with her find when a table detour held her up for a short time :)

carrie said...

They grow sooo fast!!! I remember this age being one of many a head bonks!

Helmet??? :)


Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha, that's cute. Bad, bad table. They grow up so fast it's just unreal.

Elizabeth said...

She's going to be a giant!

Anonymous said...

Those tricky, tricky tables. You never know when they are going to get shorter.

Mary P. said...

Poor Lauren! Bad table!

When Haley was 15 months, we took her to visit her grandparents, whom we had not seen in almost three months. The last time we'd been there, she'd been able to run about under the dining table. This time, we arrive, set her down, and she goes pelting full tilt across the room to her beloved grampa, taking the direct path, under the corner of the table.

BAM! That darn table had shrunk, and caught her right across the forehead. She sat down, hard, on her padded bottom, and she had a linear bruise for a week, poor tot.

Tables are tricky!

Knitting Maniac said...

Oh gosh... and you hate to see them doing it because it seems like it is a split second before you can catch them and thent they are up already.