Monday, June 30, 2008

Hello, Scotland!

Hi, Grandma!!! Hi, Grandpa!!! We have to shout so you can hear us all the way in Scotland.

Yesterday, we saw the movie WALL-E. We really, really liked it. Now we run around pretending to be Walle and Eve. In the movie, Walle keeps trying to hold hands with Eve, so that's what we do. We hold hands everywhere.

The nice people at the movie theatre gave us these blue watches that have Walle and Eve on them. Ian wears his all the time.

This morning Mommy had us play in the backyard as soon as Daddy went to work. It was already hot out, so we put the tents up for some shade.

We needed a tunnel to ride our scooter and trike through, so we moved the tents to the patio.

Like everyday, Ian checks for edible strawberries. No luck, the birds got to them first.

Mommy said we looked red, so we had to go inside and cool down. Some cold drinks do the trick.

Of course, popsicles make us cold faster!

We know you're having a great time in Scotland. We miss you. Sending you hugs and kisses! Love from Ian and Laurel.


Bloggy Mama said...

Looks like a lovely day!!
We loved Wall-E, too!!

Monica Shen said...

The tents are a great idea!

We've spent a few days indoors here, since the air quality hasn't been good due to wildfires.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Tina,
I now have tears in my eyes seeing my precious babies. Dad misses them just as much as I do. We miss you and Paul too, of course. Love the pictures, I think Ian and Laurel have grown two inches in the past two weeks. See you in a week.

Love you all,
Mom and Dad.

Kelly M said...

I love those tents...I've never seen them before!

I swear your kids get cuter and cuter everytime you post pictures!!

Pendullum said...

My goodness...
Look how they have grown!!!!
I can not believe it...
My blogger friend... Seems like only yesterday when they were sooo 'toddleresk'... and now look!
My goodness!!!

Guinevere Meadow said...

What a fun summer day!

I LOVE the tents. I need to find something like that for Lance because we have NO SHADE in our backyard. Hoping to plant a tree to fix that, but it'll take years!