Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Laurel's First Hair Cut

Laurel's two and a half. I finally decide to take her in for her first haircut.

Paul did not really want me to cut it. He says her hair is beautiful, and it is. I think he is afraid I'll have the hairstylist hack it off. Fear not dear hubby, I love to put Laurel's hair into ponytails, so most of the length will stay.

I don't dare cut Laurel's hair myself. The last time I tried, it was a disaster. I only attempted to give her some bangs to get the hair out of her eyes. The first snip was crooked. Of course I tried to even it out, but again, it was crooked in the opposite direction. It kept getting shorter and shorter, and finally I had to just stop before it looked like she had a buzz cut. Lesson learned, I cannot cut hair.

Reading the newspaper, I come across an article about kid centered salons. Bingo! So today, we head to a place called Lollilocks. Whimsical describes it perfectly. We walk through the door, and Laurel immediately runs to the different chairs you can sit in. They look like those rocking rides at parks. A tough decision, but finally Laurel chooses the dinosaur chair.

First a bit of water to get the hair wet. No tears, but Laurel is obviously not a fan of the squirt bottle.

Hair is wet, Laurel is still, we're ready for that first clip. Hold your breath...SNIP.

Of course, sitting still is quite a challenge for a toddler. After a while, you just have to wiggle and look around.

Not to fear, a lollipop will save the day. I hold the lolly and ask Laurel to tell me its colors. She is still an entire two more minutes while the stylist quickly tries to finish cutting Laurel's hair.

But alas, the wrapped lollipop no longer holds Laurel's interest, and she loves to look in the mirror at what's going on.

Ah, finally, the reward... a lolly of course!

Did Laurel like getting her hair cut? I would say, YES!!!


Guinevere Meadow said...

She's just adorable!

A friend of mine cuts Lance's hair at her house, but she'll be moving soon. *sniff sniff* I'll have to see if we have any salons around here like that!

Bloggy Mama said...

Those pictures are totally adorable!!
Oh, and, how did Laurel g to be 2 and a half? I thought she was only one ;) What a beauty!

Damselfly said...

She's such a pretty princess! I thik your husband will be pleased too!

Lady M said...

Adorable! Love those pigtails.

Q will sit still for the haircut because he knows he'll get a lollipop from the hairstylist. He spent the whole afternoon showing everyone his blue tongue (from the lollipop).

Anonymous said...

So sweet! My Best Girl was around the same age when she got her first cut as well. She thought she was so big!

Sherri said...

I would like to get my hair cut there too! Great pics!