Friday, February 22, 2008

Independence on His Own Terms

Do you ever pause a moment and think, "How did we get here?"

I'm in the kitchen heating a can of soup, when I hear Ian bark an order to Laurel. "Laurel, read a book to me!"

"Okay, Ian."

Her sweet voice comes from the bathroom. My curiosity piqued, I walk to the room in question. There they are, Ian on the toilet and Laurel reading to him. Ian's patience with his sister's attempt at reading expires, and he grabs a book of his own. It's a sweet moment, one that I must capture on camera.

Then the thought occurs to me, "Weren't we battling potty training with Ian just yesterday?"

No, it wasn't yesterday, but last October when I was quite discouraged. It was our second attempt at helping him gain more independence from diapers, but he was still not ready. Paul and I decided to put the potty training on hold until Ian showed he was ready and would take the lead.

That day came. The Friday before Christmas, as I removed Ian's nighttime diaper, he informs me, "Mommy, I want to wear underwear."

A bit leery of him possibly not having any follow through, and me having to clean several more accidents, I hesitate before I respond. I tell myself to have faith in my child. I smile up at him and say, "Ok, Honey. Run up to your room and go grab a pair."

I can still hear his footsteps as he excitedly ran up the stairs and into his room.

Paul and I were a bit apprehensive about the timing of starting the pottying process since there were a couple of family parties to attend and my three nieces were coming over to spend a couple of days and nights with us. We didn't want to use diapers or Pull Ups at all since they seemed to only be a crutch and hinder any success. Underwear it was, and we let Ian take the lead.

Ian has not worn a diaper since that day, not even for naps or nighttime sleeping. I think maybe the first three mornings he woke up soaked, but none since. There has been an occasional accident during the day, but only little trickles where he caught himself and ran to the bathroom.

We still remind him to use the bathroom, especially before car trips and bedtime. He has yet to learn how to keep his pants on while sitting on the toilet and how to wipe himself clean, things only essential for starting preschool next year. But man, oh man, he is diaper free! Oh how proud we are of our little man!


Rachel said...

Congratulations Ian!!!! That's awesome!!

Worry not, my 4 year old stepdaughter still has the occasional accident and just now has learned how to properly wipe.

I plan to potty train the same way you are...on Alyssa's schedule. Not mine.

Anonymous said...

I remember you mentioning your potty troubles! So glad they are resolved!

Love, love the picture, and the leaf is perfect! :)

Bloggy Mama said...

Good for you, Ian!!!

Anonymous said...

Way to go, Ian!!

Morgan's 2 and I'm worried that I should be on the potty training bandwagon already. She's sitting on her potty before bath, but that's it. She's starting to tell me when she needs her diaper changed, but no other real signs.

I think I'll go with you on this and train her when SHE'S ready and not when I'm ready :)

carrie said...

They are so stinkin' cute, I can't stand it!

And woo-hoo on the potty success! Sometimes kids know when they're ready and we just need to listen, I guess. To bad we couldn't get this in writing though, that way we wouldn't have to stress so much about it! ;)

Lady M said...

Underwear! Sincere congrats. We're not even close yet.

Guinevere Meadow said...

Hee the little leaf in your picture there!!

So cute that his little sister is reading to him!

MaryP said...

Aww. Congratulations, Ian! What a relief for mom and dad, too. Lovely picture, too.