Saturday, February 09, 2008

Chair Fun

Screech. Screeeech. SCREEEEEECH!

I pause from loading the dishwasher and find Laurel dragging the chairs around the dining table. They resist against the tile floor and complain quite loudly.

"Aw, Laurel, are you redecorating the eating area?" I comment.

Too busy to answer, she continues moving the chairs around. SCREEEEEEEEEEECH! SCREECH! SCREECH!

All the chairs are now corralled together on one side of the room. She squeezes her little body between them and climbs onto the one in the middle. Proudly she sits there, looking between the slats of the chair.

Paul walks over to observe our little criminal. "Laurel, you're in jail!" we both laugh.

"I in jail." Giggle, giggle. "Mommy, Daddy, I in jail." Giggle, giggle.

She plays a bit, sitting in different positions, getting up on her knees to look over the top of the chair, of course then standing. "No, Laurel. Sit in the chair," both Paul and I chime.

Quickly she sits and places her hands through all the openings between the chair's slats. Laurel again tries sitting different ways and directions. Then, in the blink of an eye, the novelty wears off, and she escapes.


Butterfly Mama said...

My son used to do this as well...he hasn't done it in awhile though. It's so cute what their little brains come up with.

Lady M said...

Ha! What a creative kid. Q is turning all our kitchen stools sideways and making "trains."

Guinevere Meadow said...

We have a second-floor balcony with white iron rails. Lance likes to go up to them, grab them with both hands, and shake them as if he was trying to break jail cell!

Rachel said...

Wow, she has gotten soooooo tall!!! And her hair is getting longer too!!!