Thursday, February 14, 2008

Cough, Achoo, I Love You

My poor wee man has a Valentine's Day cold. Watery eyes, runny nose, and lots of coughing encompass his world today. Sometimes he tries playing with this beloved cars and trains, but he lacks the energy to pursue his imaginary worlds for longer than 10 minutes. After two minutes of trying to make a Valentine's Day Card, Ian announces he is finished. We read, and read, and read, but now it is only DVD's he asks for. We already watched Toy Story, and have just started Cars. I really, really hate to even complete one movie in a day, and here we are starting movie number two. Sigh.

So here I am, asking you wonderful parents and caregivers of the blogosphere what you do to entertain your children when they are sick. Books, drawing/crafts, TV, and sleep aside, what else entertains your children when they are feeling under the weather?


Bloggy Mama said...

building forts in teh living room and having "sockball" fights,

carrie said...

Forts are good.

I wish I had more to offer, but the tv is definitely watched more when one is sick than any other time (although there is usually a lot of falling asleep too). And we've been sick here too, and I tell ya, I'm done with it!

I hope yours feel better soon!

Oh, if they're little enough and can stand it, a walk in the stroller feels good for the mama who needs to get out of the house!

Rachel said...

When mine are sick, I basically let them just lay around if that's what they want. If that means laying in front of the tv then so be it. I wish I had some kind of other activity for you, but I don't :(

I hope Ian is better soon!

Anonymous said...

When they are so sick that they don't have much energy, I just throw the screen time rules out the window. Sorry I don't have any creative ideas!

jennwa said...

I do not have any creative ideas either. They really do not feel like doing anything when they are not feeling well, so the TV is the best thing to get their mind off how bad they feel.
I will be interested to read the comments to see what others say.