Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Importance of Grandparents

Happy Belated Grandparent's Day!

Such an important day, and somehow I missed it.

Paul and I feel very lucky to have both sets of our parents live nearby. Our children get to be constantly loved by two Grandmas and two Papas. They are also lucky to have two Great-Grandmas and two Great-Grandpas that live in our state, but unfortunately, are far enough away we only see them two or three times a year.

Ian and Laurel's Grandparents give them experiences that Paul and I just would never be able to find time to do or think of. Conversations, play, stories, gardening, walks, shopping, road trips, songs, laughter, games, phone calls, anticipation, hugs and kisses are just some of the perks for our children.

I know Ian would not be the same person without the influence of his grandparents, and the same will be true of Laurel. It is simply amazing to watch our children interact with our parents. There is so much love between them. Everyday, Ian demands, "Go bye-bye, see Papa and Grandma." Whenever their visit at our house is over, and they leave without taking Ian home with them, he is heartbroken. He frequently tears through the house to grab the phone when he hears their voices. Oh how he loves to pretend objects are phones just so he can call Grandma and Papa to talk to them (a great diaper change distraction by the way). He also loves to look at photoalbums and delightfully point them out.

In addition to all the fun and laughter, grandparents play an important teaching role. They spend their time differently from us parents. Whether it be gardening, talking to family members abroad on the phone, shopping, road trips, or painting, all these activities are taught to our children that would otherwise be missed out on. The vocabulary and ideas Ian has learned thanks to his grandparents are abundant.

Let's face it, the importance of grandparents lies in the very love they feel towards their grandchildren. The hugs, kisses, and laughter make our children know they are important. So Papa and Grandma, go ahead, spoil and enjoy our babies. Let them stew in your love, and they'll turn out nice and juicy!


Papa Dave

Grandma Ann

Papa Chuck

Grandma Edie

Great-Grandma Eva

Great-Grandma Edith

Great-Grandpa Del

Great-Grandpa Ray


Lady M said...

Hooray for grandparents!

We've been doing video calls with them, and Q enjoys it a lot. The grandparents have some stuffed animals and picture books that they hold up to the camera, so he can name them. It's all fun until he starts pounding on the keyboard and hangs us up by accident.

Domestic Chicky said...

Wow! Look how blessed you kids are! I love the picture with Papa Chuck...

Knitting Maniac said...

How lucky you all are to have great-grandparents who are still alive. My husband's grandmother is the only great-grandparent we have in our family.

Oblivious Maven said...

I remember Mr. Rogers saying to my kid something like "Grandparents seem to have more time than your own parents do, don't they?". Man, that hurt. Because I think he was right, they are more patient or aren't trying to tackle some pointless hill or something. Me lovey the Grandparents. And I even look forward to being one. Y'know....when MY patience kicks in, lol.

Binkytown said...

Damn! I missed it too! Thanks for the heads up! Sweet pics!

Mrs. Chicky said...

Your kids are very fortunate to have so many grandparents and great grandparents around to love them!