Friday, September 22, 2006

Color Whiz

Me: Hey Ian, what color is my hair?

Ian: (Long pause)!

(I hate to admit it, but there is some red despite my best efforts for blond. What can I say, my color comes from a box.)

Me: Hmmm, what color is your hair?

Ian: (Looks puzzlingly in the mirror.) Gray.

(This is actually a pretty good answer considering his hair is mostly dark blond with some streaks of light.)

Me: What color is Daddy's hair?

Ian: Gray! (Yep, and I know who helped make it that way.) Black. (There you go!)

Me: What color is Laurel's hair?

Ian: Silver, silver like the van.

Ok, wow, I'm impressed. He's all of 27 months, and he's using similes. Way to go little man!


Mrs. Chicky said...

Smart kid. Or, as we say around these parts, wicked smaaht.

Lady M said...

Wow. It constantly surprises me what skills the kids develop when. That's cool that he could compare two completely different things (hair, van) and notice their shared quality!

Jennifer said...

Oh, wow, that's awesome! I love when you can have little conversations with them like this. It makes everything you've gone through in the past that much more worth it... Great job, Ian!!!

Anonymous said...

Very cookie!

So tell me about your

carrie said...

Way to go Ian!! Now, about the hair . . .