Monday, September 11, 2006

Ian's First Time Ever to the...

We are heading to Target, when I spontaneously decide to pass it up. That's right, you heard me, I drive right past our usual turn off, and head straight towards...the...LIBRARY! I don't know what triggered that decision in my brain, but next thing I know, I am parked and getting the stroller out for Laurel. I tell a confused Ian where we are, and what to expect...BOOKS!

I know, it's a crime that I haven't taken my 27 month old son to the library before this. I can hear my husband nodding in agreement (rattle, rattle), especially since I've been spending a small fortune buying books at the stores and online. What can I say, I use to be a teacher. Today, it dawns on me as we are driving to Target, that a person could actually read and reread books (a mandatory activity for parents of todders) for free by checking them out at the library. Wow, what a, no, let me rephrase that...FREE! Well, umm, free that is, if I return them on time. We'll have to wait and see how that goes.

We walk into the children's section of the library, and Ian yells out, "Mommy, books. Books, mommy." He's very excited. Then he shouts, "Mommy, Bob the Builder!" as he points to a humongous quilt displaying said character. My little man's hooked and I now know what kind of book to look for. Laurel just blankly stares at the new surroundings.

I aim the stroller towards the board book section, figuring if we check out books for Ian, I want to make sure they won't rip. The section was certainly easy enough to find, I just followed the sounds of a crying youngster. Ian spots kids playing with wooden puzzles and bead mazes, and runs ahead of me to join in the fun. I realize he's not going to be interested in books for a while, so I let him play. Nearby is a bookshelf that I skim. I start pulling books that I think Ian and/or Laurel will be interested in. Then I spot it, a huge Scoop (from Bob the Builder) board book. Perfect!

I sit down on the floor with Ian and begin reading. "Mommy, again, read Scoop book again."

Success! Ian wants to read this book instead of playing. I barely start reading the book again, when out of nowhere two other eager young fellows show up and try to grab the book out of my hands. Easily enough, I convince them to sit down and join us in the story. The last page is turned, and they all shout out, "Again!"

After the third reading, I decide to let Ian read the book on his own so I can continue looking through the rest of the board books. Unfortunately, one of the other boys grabs it out of Ian's hands and runs off. We never see Scoop again. Poor Ian. He doesn't cry, he just numbly sits there trying to figure out what just happened. What can I say, Ian's not in daycare or in a playgroup and isn't street wise yet.

Laurel starts to get restless and begins crying, cueing that it is time to go. We go to the counter, get Ian's first ever library card (a significant milestone in my opinion), and check out the books on his card. Home we head to read, reread, and rereread these wonderful little treasures.

For the curious:
Ian's favorite book we checked out is School Bus by Donald Crews. We already own Truck and Freight Train by Crews, so I knew it would be a hit.

My favorite book we checked out is The Napping House by Audrey Wood, a sweet, funny story about the ongoing activity during a family's naptime.


Kelli in the Mirror said...

We love The Napping House!

I've only taken my three year old to the library two or three times. I'm like you, it just doesn't occur to me. Plus I know I'll spend the cost of the book in late fees anyway.

Knitting Maniac said...

Oh yes... the Napping House.

Books are an everyday part of the lives of the grandchildren of an elementary school teacher and a high school teacher. We couldn't escape them, and have a library of our own here!

Anonymous said...

I, too, have passed on going to the Bullseye (my addiction!!) to go to the library. As my girl is only 8 months old, the library is my quiet space to stare blankly at the pages of a book before heading back home to her. I look forward to taking her to the library when she's older as my Dad use to take me there and I remember looking forward to it. Sadly, I also was the "victim" of another child snatching a book I so wanted to bring home and know how Ian felt. I believe, as my Dad tells it, that I chased the punk down and retrieved said book. Good for Ian that he behaved the "correct" way :)

beth said...

Sam has not yet been successful at the library. The last time I took him he managed to get to an employee's computer and turn it off before I could reach him. The woman was away from her desk. I grabbed him and bolted for the door.

M&Co. said...

We love the library. And the fines are only like 10 cents a day and then max out at like 2 bucks. So even if they are late, they are still a bargain. Now if you have a really cute baby, sometimes you can cajole them into waiving the fines but don't tell anyone I told you.

Lady M said...

We have that Scoop book! I found it at a second bookstore in great shape. The characters looked so bright and friendly that we started watching the show. The rest is history. Q can "sing" the theme song now.

Domestic Chicky said...

I'm still recovering from passing up Target...Deep breathing now...LOL