Tuesday, April 25, 2006

A Smile Is All It Takes

Who would have ever guessed that true happiness comes from seeing a baby smile. Perceptions change over time, but right now at this very moment, my joy comes from seeing sweet drooling smiles. Even better is seeing my husband enjoy those smiles too.

I can't believe Laurel's three months old. Dare I say it, I blinked. She's already changed enough that I'm saying I miss certain things. I miss her bobbing head against my shoulder. I miss picking her up and almost launching her into orbit because she was as light as a feather. I miss her newborn cry, mind you just the cry, not the getting up every hour or two at night.

Laurel's realizing that she should be mobile. Laying still is a thing of the past since she's discovered rolling can change her viewpoint. I'm amazed at how she'll be placed on the floor and within minutes she'll have rotated 180 degrees. In the last couple of days she's been rolling over from her back to her tummy. She absolutely hates to be on her tummy, so when I hear a blood curdling cry, I run to her rescue. Funny thing is, if I place her on her stomach first, she can usually roll over to her back unassisted. You'd think she'd remember how to do this when she ends up on her tummy do to her own doing. She must be shocked that she would ever do this to herself and gets rid of her frustration by screaming her wee head off.

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