Thursday, April 20, 2006

Easter Deflated

Paul went to the D-backs game Easter afternoon, while Ian, Laurel and I planned to drive out to Tony and Diana's. I must have been feeling overly confident in driving myself and the kids to my brother's house in Maricopa (a one hour drive one way), because while on the freeway a passenger in another car kindly told me of our flat tire. You would think I would notice it while driving, yet somehow I didn't. Any way, I luckily was able to drive into a parking lot and call for roadside assistance. Someone showed up 45 minutes later.

Ian was delighted to see a real tow truck. Actually, it probably made it a perfect Easter for him.

Laurel could care less.

Ian decided to spend the time annoying Laurel by occasionally sticking his foot in her face. It must be a natural instinct for older siblings to torture the younger ones.

My dad turned out to be the hero of the day. There was no way I would drive all the way out to Maricopa and back on a spare tire. My dad, who was already at Tony and Diana's, volunteered to drive back to get the three of us so we could join in the Easter festivities. That meant an hour drive to get us, installing a car seat, and another hour drive back to Maricopa. He did it, and with a smile no less. What a guy!

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