Saturday, August 09, 2008

Unexpected Food Storage Opportunity

It's lunch time. I call out to my little anklebiters, "Lunch time, guys."

Ian comes running to me at Mach five, jumps into his chair and immediately shovels chips into his mouth. Laurel sort of floats in on tippy toes, wearing her blue princess dress. "Ok, Princess Laurel, let's take that off so it won't get food stains," I tell her as I remove her outfit, leaving her to eat wearing just a diaper.

There's lots of crunching going on since the kids usually eat their potato chips first. Laurel suddenly growls, looks out from under furrowed eyebrows and deeply grunts, "I NEED A BIB!"

Her voice is so garbled I can't help but laugh at her. She hates to wear a bib, so I must inquire, "Laurel, why do you want a bib?"

Still growling, she replies, "Chips are all over me!"

Curious, I investigate. I pull her booster chair away from the table and notice there are indeed chips all over her. As I clean off my dainty little princess, I notice an extraordinarily large collection of crumbs in her bellybutton. Laurel's bellybutton is an innie and quite cavernous, and evidently can hold about a teaspoon's worth of food. My laughter is now uncontrollable, "Laurel, how did you get all those chips in your bellybutton?"

Ian is now laughing at her, too, "Laurel has chips in her bellybutton!"

Laurel again furrows her eyebrows and growls, then joins in the laughter.


Lady M said...

She's saving the chips for later!

Damselfly said...

The way you tell the story, I can just picture her belly button full of potato chip crumbs!

Anonymous said...

So funny! And, I have to get my princess to take off her dresses before almost every meal as well. I think our daughters could be buddies!

Kelly said...

OMG that is so funny!!! So did she tell you how she got them in there? I'm curious!