Monday, October 01, 2007


Ian wakes up and I escort him directly to the toilet. As we sit through this morning ritual, he strikes up the following conversation with me.

"Mommy, is it pancake day?"

"Yes, we're making blueberry pancakes."

Ian's entire body shakes with excitement and he wobbles while trying to regain balance on the toilet. "Yes, it is!" he exclaims, letting me know I gave the correct answer to his question. "You, and me, and Daddy, and Laurel are going to make pancakes!"

"Well, I don't think Laurel will be making pancakes, she's still too little."

There's a brief pause while he ponders my statement. "That's right, Mommy. You, and me, and Daddy will make pancakes, Laurel's too little. Laurel can steal toys."

That pretty much sums up Ian's perception of his sister and the concept of sharing.


Rachel said...

Ahhh, the mind of a three-year old that has a baby sister! Lmao!

Tiff said...

LOL!! He is too cute!

Anonymous said...

That is just adorable!

Guinevere Meadow said...


Sherri said...

That's so cute :)!

Damselfly said...

If blueberry pancake day is Monday at your house, then you just rock!

Elizabeth said...

love it!
I love the way you describe his excitement, too.. infectious!