Thursday, June 15, 2006

Dressing My Baby Doll

My mom is a packrat. She managed to hang onto many a toy from my childhood. This was no surprise to me since I've seen my nieces and nephews playing with them throughout the years. What did surprise me, was when she gave me some outfits from when I was wee baby, no older than Laurel is now.

I had to see Laurel in the very same outfits I wore back some thirty years ago. It's interesting to see how the fashions have changed. I think my favorite outfit is the green and yellow plaid dress.

Thanks mom for saving the outfits. It was a lot of fun to dress my doll.


Mary P. said...

Oooo... a baby fashion show! How adorable!

I think my favourites are the first - I love the way it's neat and gauzy at the same time, and the last one - looks like a comfy, practical play outfit. Or maybe it's just the expression on her face in that last shot!

Binkytown said...

Wow- that plaid is so dated it almost looks hip again! I got a bunch of crocheted (how do you spell that?)stuff that was mine when mine was born- but not soft, all itchy and rough.. packed away thank you very much :)..