Saturday, October 04, 2008

Still Here

We're still here, just busy. I've been wanting to post more about our California trip - the beach, the aquarium and Legoland, but of course life interrupts and the computer is not cooperative in allowing me to view, let alone edit pictures. Sigh.

Recently, Ian, Laurel and I had a wonderful opportunity to spend a week at a friend's time share beach house in Rocky Point, Mexico. My friend brought along her two children, so there were us two mommies and four kids ages 4 (Ian), 3 (Riley), 2 (Laurel) and 1 (Connor).

The beach was awesome. At low tide, there were tide pools everywhere and we could wade in the water and chase Kermit Crabs, fish and some other bigger crabs. I have to laugh because not only do my kids cutely say "Kermit Crabs," but so does Riley.

On the last day we collected seashells in our buckets. Ian excitedly scooped up piles of tiny shells. Looking inside his bucket, we discovered it's entire contents were on the move. I informed him he needed to release his prisoners. We then tried to find unoccupied shells, a difficult thing to do. After rinsing the shells and laying them out to dry, we found several still had residents.

Non beach activities included making bracelets, a huge hit with Ian who made about ten of them. The kids also loved frosting, decorating and eating cupcakes. Of course the week was a huge party, so we made crowns. There was lots of chasing, singing, reading books, coloring, watching movies, Laurel and Riley pretending to be princesses and playing in a bunkbed turned castle, some squabbles, some crying (and not just by the mommies), and sweet hugs.

A wonderful week!!! Hopefully, if a certain computer gets fixed soon, I'll be able to post pictures.


Lady M said...

Kermit Crabs! That brings a smile to my face.

Butterfly Mama said...

Sounds fabulous! (other than the broken computer!)


Damselfly said...

Woo-hoo, Mexico! Lucky you. Hope your computer can be fixed so you can get to those precious pix!