Thursday, May 22, 2008

Hi, Daddy! (Day 4)

Dear Daddy,

We're so glad you called this morning. We love to hear your voice. Have fun in your classes today.

So far, we've played with trains...

and we've packed our bags to stay the night at Grandma Ann's.

We're so excited. Grandma says we get to ride the Molly Trolley to the park today. But there are lots of clouds and it may rain. Mommy says we won't melt if we get wet. We're also very excited because we'll get to see you tomorrow! We miss you. Remember, as soon as we see you, you have to be Tickle Monster.

We love you. Hugs. Kissy, kissy,
Ian and Laurel, and Mommy too


Bloggy Mama said...

Yay, tomorrow!!!

Lady M said...

That train setup is great! My husband's mom and stepdad are here this week, and they've helped Q build a train track that goes under the coffeetable, around chairs, and up and down. Very entertaining.

Damselfly said...

I am amazed at that train setup!