Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Air Addy Go?

"Mommy, air addy go?"

Peeking from the kitchen, I see Laurel gazing out the living room window. She steadies herself on her tiptoes, hoping to get a glance of her father.

"Air addy go?" she repeats.

I walk to her answering, "Daddy went to work."

She turns around to look at me. "Addy ack car."

"Yes, daddy took the black car to work."

She starts bouncing, pivots back around to look out the window and yells, "Addy coming ome! Addy coming ome!"

"Sorry Baby, he's not coming home yet. He needs to work all day."

Laurel bounces on her toes as she absorbs this information. A few seconds go by, then her gaze swiftly turns upward. "Mommy, bird! Bird in sky!"

Laurel is definitely going through a language explosion. She barks out new words and phrases at an astonishing rate. I know I shouldn't compare my children, especially since boys and girls are so different from one another, but out of curiosity I skimmed a previous blog post about Ian's language development. At nineteen months, he was mostly saying single words and occasionally two word phrases. Laurel is seventeen months and says two and three word phrases all the time, with the occasional four or five word phrase. Thanks to parenting books and magazines, I knew girls' language developed at an earlier age. But experiencing it with my own children takes the understanding to a new level of appreciation.

Hmm, where did Laurel get her natural chattiness from? I'm guessing from her grandmas (both are social butterflies):

Laurel loves to gab with her dolly.


Guinevere Meadow said...

How precious!! I can't wait 'til Lance can start talking to!

Knitting Maniac said...

Oh my GOODNESS!!!!! She is getting to be SOOOO big!!!!!

Anonymous said...

How sweet!! She's gotten so big and is so beautiful :)

Rachel said...

That is adorable!!! "air addy go" I just love that!!!

Anonymous said...

Laurel reminds me so much of my daughter. Their hair and eyes are so similar, and my daughter is certainly a chatterbox! What sweet pictures!

Mama's Moon said...

That plus, I believe, the fact that they're the 2nd born. They pick up so much from their older sib that it blows me away what Lil' Miss Sunshine can already understand at fourteen months! We're definitely in a lot of trouble!!! teehee!

Lady M said...

Gotta love those language explosions. Sometimes I think, "who taught you that?"

"addy, was that you?" ;)

Damselfly said...

Oh, she is so cute and getting so big! Wow!

carrie said...

Yup! The differences between boys and girls are amazing. I always thought it couldn't be that noticeable when they're little, but then I had a few of my own . . .

Katie spoke in sentences like Laurel waaaaay earlier than the boys. But they have her beat in the gross motor department by a landfall. She didn't walk until 15 months, where they'd been tottering around since 10 and 11 months (grunting like cavemen, of course).

It only gets better, and funner from here on out.

Glad you're back, nice to see you again!


Elizabeth said...

She is soo very very sweet!

Sherri said...

How sweet! I loved my children's first words!

Kelly M said...

Love the pictures and the recap of the conversation!! So sweet to hear little ones talk!!