Saturday, November 18, 2006

Cancer Awareness

The American Cancer Society is sponsoring I Fight Cancer badges for bloggers. I've put one on my blog for my father (just look down the left sidebar). About three years ago, he found out he had bladder cancer. He successfully underwent aggressive treatment. Those rounds of treatment made him feel sicker than he ever has in his life, but thankfully has fought off the cancer within his body.

My family is lucky to have my dad still with us. My children are able to play with their grandfather, and I can still joke and laugh with him. I am so grateful that he is in our lives.

Thankfully, there are organizations such as ACS, that are researching new methods in treating and preventing cancer. If you or someone dear to you has dealt with cancer, add a badge to your blog to show your support. There's a counter on each badge that automatically increases as more and more people add them to their blogs. Let's get that counter rolling.

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Mary P. said...

You need to get yourself a blog-email. MamacitaTina at gmail dot com, or some such!

If you had such a thing, I'd email you this rather than take up your comment box with something irrelevant to your post.

My comment is in response to yours on my blog. Re: being humbled at being out with four babies. Of all my commenters, you are one of two that I think would be a natural at what I do. I think you'd do just fine!