Thursday, February 09, 2006


You know you are the proud mother of a toddler when...

you get excited that your brilliant child came running up to you shouting, "Mama, Poop!"

In the all too recent past, Ian would rather sit and play in a poopy diaper than be changed. At first, when we got a sniff of unpleasantness, we would ask him, "Ian, did you poop?" and he would respond with a Teletubby sing-song response of "Nooooo." Very sweet, but an all out lie. After a few weeks of this, Ian wisened up to the fact that we didn't believe his "no" response, especially since we changed his diaper anyway. Instead of saying no to the all too familiar poop question, Ian started to run off. He would literally look around for the best escape route and then bolt. Of course mama or dada were in hot pursuit, which resulted in him being led by the hand to the dreaded diaper change. Throughout all of this, I tried to explain to Ian that the best solution would be for him to realize he did have a dirty diaper and tell me he did.

Today, I'm proud to report that Ian has done just that. There I was, taking a breather on the couch with Laurel sleeping soundly on me, when suddenly, this fuzzy head came bobbing by. Ian had this huge smile on his face, just absolutely beaming, and then he spouted out, "Mama, Poop!" I couldn't believe my ears. I checked, and sure enough... I cheered, I clapped, I kissed, I hugged, I did everything I could think of to make sure he knew how important this was. And then, poor Ian was led by the hand yet again to another dreaded diaper change.

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